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Our Art Production Services, MG Art Design (MGAD) Production allows us to custom make bespoke artworks and sculptures which are tailored to our clients’ needs. We ensure our clients have one-of-a- kind specialized artworks which are unique to their taste, style and culture.

We have partnered with multiple factories and can custom make artworks, sculptures and installations through MGAD Production. Our partnered factories and studios include: 

   •    Bespoke Printing Studio
   •    Foundry 
   •    Metal & Assembly Factory 
   •    Wood Factory 
   •    Stone Factory 
   •    Specialized Marble Factory 
   •    Digital Art Studio 


We can produce in stone (marble, sandstone, stone casting), metal (stainless steel, bronze, aluminum, brass), wood and a variety of printing materials . We can also create framed Artworks in a variety of materials with our inhouse photography, contemporary print making and oil painting capabilities. We can print on silver, gold or copper leaf; metal sheets; distressed steel sheets or glass. We also can produce papercut artworks, multi-dimensional artworks and LED-neon artworks.We can produce any of the Artworks we design (Prints, Sculptures, Murals, Craft & Props) and can tailor make Art installations for your projects using Digital Art, (Kinetics and Video Mapping). We can prototype any idea based on simple 2-D drawings or 3-D modeling, in foam, wax or using 3-D printing technology for high quality renderings. 
We manage the end-to-end project from the first sketch to the prototype, production and installation; allowing our clients to keep the high quality standards they are looking for.


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