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Growing up in France (between Paris, South of France and Champagne) and going to auction houses, art galleries, and museums with his grandmother when he was a child, it is no wonder that Martin, who was surrounded by Architecture, Arts and Antiques his all childhood, developed an interest in Art and Design at a very young age.

“Art has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  It touches me. It’s a medium to share and communicate with others. It can be very pure and intimate.”

  Martin Gerlier, Founder

Martin used to select artworks from galleries and auction houses with his family when he was a child.  At an early age of 8, he had already started his calling in life by creating art solutions in his family’s multiple homes.  Martin’s mother recalls that he used to re-arrange the family’s house by moving furniture and paintings around, and advising on lighting, design and space planning.


Martin’s family were in awe that such a young boy could not only appreciate the beauty in Art and Design, but could also advise on it at such a young age.  They knew he had a gift, and a passion that would stay with him for life.


Martin started his first business, MoonStar Fine Arts Advisors, in Paris in his early twenties, with his business partner, an ex-Goldman Sachs banker. They opened a office in the United States and lived between Miami and Paris for 10 years, making regular trips to New York; London; and Basel, Switzerland. They very quickly became art advisors for many private clients, luxury brands, 5-star hotels, financial institutions and interacted heavily with museums, art fairs, auction houses, and artists.


While running MoonStar Fine Arts Advisors, Martin realized that not all people had the budget to purchase established artworks or the creative ability to transform empty spaces into beautiful designs.


He founded MG ART DESIGN to share his passion, knowledge and expertise with individuals and corporations and to create personal and memorable Art and Design solutions that capture each clients goals, values and budget.

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