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MG ART DESIGN advises private individuals on the use of Art in their residences and/or private collections.


Art Consulting and Design

Why do you want Art? To decorate or renovate, to design, to collect, to invest, something else?  Whatever your reason, we work with you to select the ideal artwork for your property, vision and within your budget.  Following an initial consultation, we will source artwork options for your review, specifically catered to your taste and space.  If the perfect artwork doesn’t already exist, we will work with skilled artists to create your custom piece.


Art Acquisition or Sales

Due to our relationships with artists, museums, galleries and collectors, we can provide you will access to local, regional and international artists, painters, photographers, sculptors and Art collections. We can also help you sell existing artworks if you’d like to change your collection or space.


Curatorial Services for Residential Design

Your residence is a personal space. It reflects your personality and style. You may like to share this space with family and friends to socialize, or you may like to keep it as your private sanctuary. Whatever the purpose, selecting Art for your residence should be in line with your values, tastes and goals.  We can help you curate the right artwork for you.


Working with Architects, Builders and Designers

If you are building a new residence, we can work with your architects, builders and designers in the design and construction phase, to ensure the right art space and proper lighting is incorporated into your design.


Budget Allocation and Management

We're known for delivering your artwork on-time and within-budget.  We work with you to decide the best use of your artwork budget.  We review your floor plans and tour your property to make sure the placement of Art is thought through and the best space is utilitized.


Project Management

Art projects can involve numerous artists, multiple spaces, various types of custom artworks and framing.  We project manage the details for you to ensure the project runs smoothly.


New Technologies

We can use new technologies (mapping, videos, 3-D images, light boxes, etc) to make beautiful and unique Art installations.


Delivery and Installation

We manage the delivery, and can be on-site to supervise the installation to make sure the details we discussed in the design meeting are put into action. The final result is important to us.



We can advise individuals on Art investment; either collectors who wish to expand their Art collection; or new investors who want to learn about Art investment opportunities.

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